What Is Eco House Paint?

Check out our list of eco paint manufacturers and stockists to find the exact eco paint you need from wood stain to vinyl cladding top coat. There is an eco paint option for every job.

Eco House paints contain many different ingredients depending on their use profile. Eco house paints do not contain toxic chemicals or give off toxic gas. They don’t pollute waterways and are safe around children, animals and plants. Many companies make some eco-friendly paints and stains while a few companies make eco-friendly paints and stains exclusively.

Conventional house paints usually contain formaldehyde, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds that emit gases that have adverse short and long term effects on health.

The World Health Organization says that professional house painters are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer than the general population.

So what’s happening to the people who live in houses that give off noxious gas for years?

Consider the environmental cost of making these paints in the first place.

Technology has advanced to the point that ecologically-safe house paints outperform conventional paints in every area of house painting including brick, vinyl cladding, aluminium, timber, interior and exterior.

The EPA allows no more than 250 grams per liter of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in latex-based paint labeled “Low In VOCs” and 380 grams per liter in oil-based paint so labeled.

Behr and Sherwin Williams Paints have lowered rated options of between 50 and 150 grams per liter with some having zero VOCs.

Regardless of which type of paint you choose, ensure that there is adequate ventilation during the painting process and for several days after.

Our mission at EcoPaintMyHouse is to present the best eco-friendly paint options as well as the best house painting practices for every part of your house.

Ecos Paints US
Earth Pigments US
Bio Shield Paint US
Sherwin Williams US
Benjamin Moore US
Behr US
Earth Safe Finishes US
Color House Paint US
Montage Amazon
Elemental Green US
Milk Paint US
C2 Paint US
Yolo Indonesian (Home Depot)
Devine Color US
Natural Earth Paint US
Green Building Supply US
Rokecote Australia
Ecoathome Australia
Ecolour Australia
Livos Australia
Painted Earth Australia
Bauwerk Australia
Eco Painting Systems Australia
Natural Paint Company Australia and New Zealand
Porters Paints Australia
Keim Mineral Paints Australia
Resene Australia
Volvox Australia
Littlegreene UK
Auropaint UK
Lakeland Paints UK
Earthborne Paints UK
Livos Europe
Nut Shell Paints UK
The Organic and Natural Paint Co UK

There are several good reasons for choosing Eco House Paint and cover them here.

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